Proper recycling includes safe transportation of all types of materials. In addition to pesticide containers we also train on the proper methods of rinsing and handling dozens of other materials

Many Cities, Counties, State and National Organizations have used our training sessions to help enlighten recyclers, public works,  applicators, and other users about all types of

plastic retrieval.

Our Educational outreach and mission is:

Helping Agriculture grow green


You can be a big Part of the Solution

At Green Planet, we increase the amount of plastic that is recovered from agriculture, structural use and even residential plastic use. We work with everyone that handles plastic and provide answers whenever possible. Very few realize that in the U.S. there is approximately 40 pounds of plastic produced for every man, woman and child within our borders. While much of this plastic is manufactured elsewhere, we are still the ultimate consumers and must take steps to recover, reuse and recycle all we can. Recently steps have been made to encourage producers to participate in the retrieval process. These new policies are known as Extended Product Responsibility or EPR.



Where ever there are people who want to recycle plastic or are in need of recycling education. we’ll be there ~ lending a hand, assisting with establishing new drop points and helping to establish new attitudes.   In the past 5 years our staff has trained thousands of individuals and has assisted with the retrieval of nearly 1 million pounds of plastic.



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High Density Polyethylene is long lasting in landfills and is one of our most common plastics. One of the simplest polymers, it can be reused and recycled. Education and easing logistical problems are key issues.


In agriculture, there are countless regulations affecting pesticide use and handling the empty pesticide containers after application. Green Planet staff members supply the necessary outreach and training.


Standards set by the EPA include triple rinsing or pressure rinsing containers in accordance with standards set forth by Standard number 596 


Field drain pipe is made almost entirely from recycled agricultural plastics


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