Green Planet Plastics, Inc.

Helping Agriculture Grow Green

Contributions and support


    Green Planet Plastics,  Inc. receives many accolades and considerable gratitude from the agricultural community. Growers and nurserymen also supply about 90% of our recycle material.Even though our services are free, there are considerable costs to keep this effort going.    You, along with the farming community can do your part to help the recycling or the educational outreach.  

Listed below are ways you can help.
Whether you're seeking our seminar services,  participating in a fundraising or recycling event, or simply making a donation, your support of any amount is greatly appreciated.
To make a donation using your PAYPAL account or with a credit card,Click on the PAYPAL button below.

Green Planet Plastics, Inc. 
is a tax exempt corporation known
as a 501-C-3 non-profit

Security concerns? For mailed Donations
send tax deductible donations
to the address below to show your support.

 Green Planet Plastics, INC.
10605 S. Miller Ave.
Chico, Ca., 95928

Green Planet Plastics is currently seeking an economical low mileage vehicle or mini pick-up to transport teaching materials and instructors.
Let us know if you can help 

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