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Helping Agriculture Grow Green


Our organization has been serving California and beyond for just over 4 years. 

Our mission is a simple one, but we have an exciting two fold approach. Everyone says they believe in good stewardship, but we make things happen! First, we work tireless in our efforts to reach out and provide potential locations so growers can recycle their plastics with a minimal amount of travel, thus insuring optimal participation.  We also work with "compliant"plastics buyers  or we use an ACRC contractor for recycling pesticide containers. We always work with County Ag commissioners or County Supervisors to insure program success and the proper initiation of the process. Secondly,    our non-profit organization provides an educational experience for any and all that request training in the processes involved with the solid waste management of recyclable plastics of all types, not just agricultural plastics. In the case of agriculture the products of concern include:  poly pipe, T-tape, nursery trays, nursery pots, and plastic mulches just to mention a few.   60% to 70% of our effort is in EDUCATION. Crop protection containers are handled as an entirely separate material. The service outreach:   

None of this would be possible were it not for support from the public we serve. The truth is, a host of companies and organizations such as the ACRC provide services and help in countless ways, including the retrieval process. The bulk of our financial support for teaching seminars, continuing education outreach and the hands-on effort must come from grants, and tax deductible individual contributions.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and remember all financial support is tax deductible and goes directly to continue this effort. Go to our donate page.

I M P O R T A N T  -------  If your organization or institution would like to be involved in our seminar or guest speaking sessions, we provide these services to all types of groups, students and grower organizations. Our guest speaking programs are roughly an hour in length and include visual training, hands-on examples of the different type of plastics, announcement of upcoming events, and a question and answer exchange. Please feel free to use our contact page if you are interested.   email
While we love contact from consumers of scrap plastic, we strictly utilize the services of ACRC contractors or recyclers in compliance with ANSI/ASABE standards for pesticide containers. NO EXCEPTIONS

William (Bill) K. Graves, Executive Director  (please use contact below)

  Green Planet Plastics, Inc.10605 S. Miller Ave.Chico, Ca. 95928
(530) 228-3337

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