*****************************************       2016         *********************************** 

*****    January 7th 2016 ~ North Valley Ag Services Annual Meeting at the Palms in Chico. Bill Graves from Green Planet Plastics delivers a presentation about the Pesticide Container Recycling programs across the U.S. ~ 11:00 a.m.

​*****    January 21st 2016 ~ As part of Forest Vegetation Management Conference in Anderson California (the Gaia Hotel and Spa) Green Planet will provide training on the proper management and collection of spent pesticide containers. The conference is a 3 day affair with our presentation on the last day (21st). Our state forest vegetation is a huge management issue and pesticides are a necessary part of the solutions. Presentation will be at 8:30 a.m. with Carl Yingst from Shasta County Department of Agriculture acting as the Moderator.

*****    February 4th 2016 ~ Our first of two recycling events for pesticide containers at the Neal Road Waste and Recycling Facility, south of Chico in Butte County, California. Containers must be triple rinsed, with Caps and Labels removed. 30 and 55 gallon containers must be cut into halves or quarters (respectively) lengthwise (top to bottom) No trash accepted and no containers larger than 55 gallon even if they are cut up. This is a free event to growers and applicators. It starts at 8:00 a.m. rain or shine and ends promptly at 2:00 p.m. We do accept containers from anyone, even outside of  Butte County. February 4th is a Thursday. Please come prepared. There will be an additional recycling event in Glenn County later this year.

*****   July 26th 2016 ~ Butte Yuba Sutter Water Coalition meeting at the Yuba-Sutter County Farm Bureau office on N. Palora Avenue in Yuba City (This event is not directly related to plastic recycling.

*****    August 1st 2016 ~ The second of our free recycling events. This one also held at Neal Rd. Please follow ACRC instructions as listed above for Feb 4.

*****    August 9th 2016 ~ We will host another free recycling event. This event will be held near Butte City Four Corners in Glenn County. The exact location is in the back of Glenn Growers Rice Co-op. on the North west Corner. All ACRC rules apply. Since this event is for the members of the Co-op, special permission must be granted to participate unless you are a direct member.

*****August 22nd 2016 ~ Fall Semester College classes begin at most California Campuses. Reaching Green Planet Staff may be more difficult on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please leave a message or text at 530-228-3337 and we WILL respond.

*****   Sept. 22nd 2016 ~ Green Planet Plastic Staff will provide a training seminar for PAPA (Pesticide Applicators Professional Assoc.) This talk (approx. 1 hr.) will include pesticide container handling methods as prescribed by both the ACRC and Interstate AG Plastics. As of this publishing date, the agenda is not complete, but it is an all day series of presenters with lunch provided. Location the Scottish Rite Temple in Sacramento.

***************************************                 2017                ****************************************

*****  Feb 2017 ~ Green Planet Recycling at Neal Road and Bill Graves is honored by receiving the title of: 

Farm Bureau Member of the Year

*****  August 1st 2017  ~  The second of our free recycling events will be held at the Neal Road Waste and Recycling Center on Neal Rd. just south of Chico in Butte County. All ACRC triple rinsing rules apply. You do not need to be from Butte County. Donations are requested. Make your tax deductible checks payable to Green Planet Plastics. Our phone number is (530) 228-3337

Upcoming Events!

Here is a list of upcoming activities. Every member of our staff participates in the educational outreach. It seems the new buzzword is "sustainability" but safety and stewardship start with the removal of "spent" products from waste and landfills.

Sustainability will continue to be the new target for optimal results.

100% results with recycling are possible NOW! Let's re-use by recycling!