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SO MUCH HAS GONE ON IN THE PAST FEW YEARS!                                           Here's just a few examples.

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October 2013, Our staff instructors were among the presenters at the annual CAPCA conference in Reno Nevada. 1300 CAPCA members were in attendance!

Last February, Green Planet Ex. Director Bill Graves was a featured speaker at the annual TPSA conference in San Diego.  The topic of discussion was heard by hundreds concerning the logistical problems and regulatory issues faced by our nations growers, pesticide applicators,  and ag. producers. Green Planet Plastics is a supporting member of The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance. (TPSA)

During 2013, Green Planet Plastics hosted several ag. plastic recycling events. While the main thrust of our outreach has always been educational, we do set up and monitor quite a few collection days each year.  Our goals include assistance with set up of permanent sites. Those sites are then available to anyone producing substantial amounts of potentially harmful plastics. You may be surprised to learn that even though this is a secondary effort for us, Green Planet Plastics has helped recycle approximately 500,000 pounds of ag. plastic.

For those unfamiliar with CAPCA  or PAPA they are organizations providing mandatory training hours to pesticide users. In 2014, Green Planet Plastics staff provided thousands of collective man hours of training throughout California. Cities where training was provided include: Stockton, Chico, Yreka, Roseville, Durham, Sacramento, Modesto, Santa Rosa, and Santa Maria. Training for pesticide users is vital for not only safety, but for establishment of sound knowledge of EPA and Standard 596 regulations. Green Planet Plastics is recognized by the California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation as qualified to provide a portion of the "law" hours required.

Green Planet Plastics staff and board would like to thank other organizations like Interstate Ag Plastics and the ACRC (Ag. Container Recycling Council) for their supportive efforts and for being the major players in collecting and recycling these ag materials.

There are multiple ACRC recycling contractors operating nationwide. A company called Agri-Plas also operates on the west coast. Their territory for recycling Ag Plastic is Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Call us for details or you may find them on the net.

The most recent news is we have broken our old collection record of 30,000 pounds. At our new site in Southern Butte County (On July 16th, 2018) we collected over 42,000 pounds of rinsed pesticide containers. This brings our total in the last decade to nearly 700,000 pounds!!! We would like to thank all growers and pesticide users that participate in our program. And especially thank those that donate to our cause financially.